One of the key aspects of ecommerce is hosting your store online. If you have a online store, it needs to be hosted. For the uninitiated, to put it simply, hosting is a space on the web server, for your online store. Your store would typically include all your related files (or assets), this would include your application code, database, product images, description, pricing details etc. A place from where your customers will access your store to make purchase.

Making hosting seamless: There are various options within hosting to choose from, such as shared, dedicated or VPS. Within each there are multiple configuration options based on your specific business needs. We could go on in the specifics but what we foresee, the critical aspect here, is the need to keep the hosting services seamless and efficient to meet any growing business needs. We help you just do that, while you focus on growing your core business.

Our hosting services, will automatically scale as your business grows, without you either noticing any changes, or even paying additional cost for the same.

We like to keep things simple, yet effective.

Payment Gateways

We already have payment integrations with CCAvenue, more are being added shortly.

Payment options include, but is not limited to, credit cards, UPI, Net banking, corporate credit cards, Debit Cards, Amex etc.

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