About Us

Who we are and what we do?



BuildMyMart aspires to provide cost effective and impactful ecommerce solutions, for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In addition to building and launching their ecommerce store, we also help SMEs grow their individual brand, to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Our Mission

Provide one-stop-shop for all ecommerce needs. An affordable, hosted and secure platform, that empowers even non-technical business owners, to build, launch and manage their ecommerce store independently.


Our Approach

To put it simply, provide Small and Medium Enterprises best-in-class solution, with a secure and easy to use platform, at an affordable price, which they can use independently.

At BuildMyMart

We believe ecommerce should be a level playing field for all, including Small and Medium Enterprises. Traditionally Small and Medium Enterprises have been the most innovative, in their core business areas, however they have relatively lacked at digital innovation, particularly ecommerce. This as compared to the existing ecommerce retail giants, you know who they are. Key reason's obviously being, the ability to support large, technology based, investments and ecommerce expertise.

We believe Small and Medium Enterprises are not only critical in shaping the culture and fabric of the community, surrounding us, they are also vital in molding a nation's economy. For that very reason, we need to ensure we have a level playing field, for all Small and Medium Enterprises. BuildMyMart is our attempt to make it a level playing field, particularly small Businesses.

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